Dementia care near Romsey, Hampshire

By 2017, around 13,000 people in Hampshire had been diagnosed with dementia - and that number has only risen in the intervening years. The risk of developing dementia is generally considered to increase significantly from the age of 65 onwards, with a loss of cognitive functioning that affects thinking, reasoning and remembering.

Signs of dementia vary, from misplacing belongings, impaired judgement and loss of initiative to more distressing symptoms, such as strong emotional shifts, time / place disorientation and even changes in personality. Most commonly caused by Alzheimer’s disease, dementia can severely impact one’s daily life and activities, affecting not only the individual but their family and loved ones.

daisies in front of Dunwood Manor Nursing Home on a sunny day

What is dementia care? 

Dementia care is a highly skilled nursing discipline, attending to the care needs of individuals no longer able to live independently due to any condition defined as dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body dementia and vascular dementia.

Because of dementia’s debilitating effects on memory, orientation and day-to-day activities, it is important that a care home environment is designed to minimise anxiety. To this end, interior colour schemes, lighting, furnishings and landmarks all play a part in reducing disorientation and distress. 

A nursing home optimised for quality care in Hampshire

Dunwood Manor is one of five nursing homes operated by Allegra Care in Hampshire and the New Forest, each offering specialist dementia care in care-optimised settings.

At Dunwood, the self-contained Beeches wing provides surroundings that are secure, familiar and designed specifically for outstanding dementia care. Lighting is controlled to reduce shadows or glare, which can be especially distressing at night, whilst hallways and communal areas have been furnished and decorated to minimise disorientation.

two elderly ladies sitting on a sofa laughing together

Engaging and inclusive dementia care in Hampshire

Maintaining as strong a sense of independence as possible is fundamental to successful dementia care. Residents are encouraged to continue safe daily activities to feel engaged and involved with their household and fellow residents.

This maintenance of normal daily life is critically important to preserving a sense of self and participation in the home’s warm and inclusive community.

elderly lady sitting in a chair talking to nursing home staff member

Highly-trained staff support residents with dementia 

All of our staff are highly qualified in dementia care and receive ongoing training and support. With Level 3 Awards in Awareness of Dementia and Certificates in Dementia Care, many of our team also have advanced nursing qualifications from previous roles in hospital and community care.

However, professionalism and qualifications are only part of the story. As a care home operator, we place equal emphasis on more human attributes, such as empathy, understanding and respect. Above all, we never underestimate the power of a smile.

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A nutritious, balanced diet and regular mealtimes are essential for successful care of the elderly, especially those with dementia. Chef and team at Dunwood Manor Nursing Home take great pride in producing a delicious, daily changing menu of home-cooked food, locally sourced wherever possible from fresh seasonal ingredients.

With a choice of two bright and welcoming dining rooms, mealtimes are a daily highlight and an important opportunity for residents to socialise.

Dunwood Manor Nursing Home exterior on a sunny day

Activities and enjoyment at Dunwood Manor Nursing Home

Dementia need not be a barrier to an active life. Alongside visiting hairdressing, chiropody and physiotherapy services, residents can enjoy a rich and varied programme of group and individual activities and entertainment.

Our activities coordinators ensure that there is something to keep everyone involved, whilst we offer regular excursions in our own minibus, enabling residents to enjoy sightseeing in the beautiful New Forest and visits to local places of interest in and around Hampshire.

elderly lady sitting on a chair talking with other nursing home residents

What person centred-care means to us at Dunwood Manor

From initial admission, when we draw up a tailored care plan in conjunction with the resident and their loved ones, to the dedicated care we offer around the clock, the emphasis at Dunwood Manor Nursing Home is on person-centred care.

Nowhere is this highly personalised nursing philosophy more important than in dementia care, where residents’ sense of wellbeing and contentment are positively impacted by individual, person-centred attention.