End of life care in Hampshire

Provided to people who are considered to be in the last months or years of their life, the primary objectives of end of life care are to control pain and to enable the individual to live as well and with as much dignity as possible. This support takes the form of a network, which encompasses an individual’s family, loved ones and carers.

For all concerned, it is obviously essential that end of life care is as good as it can possibly be. This entails ensuring that both physical and emotional environments are fully optimised. In physical terms, this means ensuring that the accommodation provided meets the individual’s every need – from comfort and privacy to the practicalities of delivering excellent nursing care. From a personal perspective, caregivers need to be able to empathetically support the individual and their loved ones on a social, spiritual and emotional level.

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What is end of life and palliative care? 

End of life and palliative care are holistic care types for individuals living with a terminal illness. This care encompasses every aspect of an individual’s needs at this time, from the management of pain and the provision of emotional, psychological and spiritual support, to more practical considerations, such as access to required medical equipment, family support and planning for the future.

In short, end of life care seeks to optimise an individual's quality of life for as long as possible.

End of life care at Dunwood Manor Nursing Home

The importance of a peaceful environment for end of life care cannot be underestimated.

Occupying a converted stately country house set amidst 12 acres of tranquil gardens near Romsey in Hampshire, Dunwood Manor provides gracious and secluded accommodation in truly beautiful surroundings. Within this calm and elegant setting, residents benefit from exceptional levels of comfort and nursing care, providing peace of mind and repose for the individual and their loved ones.

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State-of-the-art palliative care near Romsey

In contrast to Dunwood Manor’s outward appearance as a gracious historical country residence, the home is equipped to the very latest standards to provide outstanding end of life care in safe, comfortable surroundings. Palliative care is provided in the “Willows” wing, overlooking tranquil, manicured gardens. Blending high levels of comfort with state-of-the-art care facilities, Dunwood Manor offers residents peace of mind, comfort and security around the clock.

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Palliative care that prioritises independence, dignity and privacy

Dignity, privacy and, above all, independence are prerequisites for effective end of life care. At Dunwood Manor, palliative care staff are not only highly trained and qualified but also empathetic and compassionate.

A critical priority is the maintenance of each individual’s independence for as long as possible. To this end, residents are fully supported in continuing activities and involvement in their household, a key contributory factor in personal wellbeing and peace of mind.

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End of life care can be challenging and emotionally demanding. With Level 2 and 3 Diplomas in Adult Care alongside considerable experience in hospital, nursing and other care environments, all of the staff at Dunwood Manor are fully supported with ongoing training and performance reviews.

It is this professional accreditation and continuous development that ensures that residents receive the very highest level of care, delivered with compassion, warmth and humanity.

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Daily fresh and nutritious meals for our residents

All stages of senior care share a common requirement – the maintenance of a healthy, varied and nutritious diet; palliative care is no different.

At Dunwood Manor Nursing Home, the chef and kitchen team prepare daily changing menus, using seasonal and, wherever possible, locally-sourced ingredients from Hampshire and surrounding areas. Meals can be enjoyed in either of the two light, airy and elegant dining rooms, or in the resident’s own room if preferred.

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Cherished moments at Dunwood Manor 

End of life care can be immeasurably enriched by the maintenance of social activity whenever possible. In keeping with Allegra Care’s commitment to active living, all residents are encouraged to participate in activities, crafts and events within the home, as well as regular minibus excursions to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the New Forest and visits to local landmarks and places of interest.

In the context of end of life care, the value of shared moments and cherished memories cannot be overestimated.