End of life care in Fritham, New Forest

Peace, calm and tranquillity. Set amidst eight acres of mature gardens and surrounded by unspoilt woodland, New Forest Nursing Home offers a gracious and secluded setting for palliative care that puts privacy and dignity first. Home operator Allegra Care’s philosophy of person-centred care permeates through every facet of the 24-hour nursing and support that’s provided, prioritising care and comfort above all else.

Whether it’s dementia, cancer, motor neurone disease or another life-limiting condition, when an individual is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the emphasis shifts to managing their symptoms, together with their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Registered Manager Helen and her team bring years of experience and professional training to resident care, which is delivered with compassion, empathy and a genuine warmth of character. All residents are entitled to their dignity and privacy, none more so than those in palliative care.

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What is end of life and palliative care? 

Naturally, confronting the palliative care phase is extremely difficult and distressing – both for the individual and for their loved ones. Therefore, the aim of end of life care is to make this stage as comfortable and calm as possible. Effective pain management and a wide range of empathetic, compassionate support are essential. A holistic approach considers the person as a whole and ensures that all of their emotional and spiritual needs, as much as their medical needs, are addressed.

End of life care at New Forest Nursing Home

An oasis of calm and a haven for wildlife, it’s hard to imagine a more peaceful location for a care home than that enjoyed by New Forest Nursing Home in Fritham. As a setting for dignified end of life care, it combines absolute tranquillity with comfort.

End of life care residents and their visiting family and loved ones are able to draw strength and peace from the calm and ambience of a period property in timeless, unspoilt surroundings.

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Purpose-built facilities in a quiet corner of the New Forest 

Quality of life is the primary objective of palliative care. As a setting, New Forest Nursing Home combines soft factors such as its environs and character with all the facilities needed to meet the complex demands of end of life care.

Bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms are beautifully appointed and equipped to provide a safe, comfortable environment. Specialist lifting equipment and a Parker bath assist with the provision of care, which is sensitively delivered by highly qualified and compassionate nursing professionals.

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Palliative care that supports dignity and independence

One of the greatest challenges of adjusting to a life-limiting condition is the fear of losing one’s autonomy, self-determination and dignity. This is why effective palliative care incorporates significant efforts to manage the loss of independence and mitigate its emotional and psychological effects.

In accordance with Allegra Care’s person-centred approach, the team at New Forest Nursing Home support individuals in maintaining their independence and dignity for as long as possible – from eating and mobility to toileting and bathing.

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The dedicated care team bring a wealth of nursing experience and qualifications to their roles at New Forest Nursing Home. They are supported by ongoing training and assessment programmes to ensure that standards of care are actively maintained and advanced.

But this is only half of the story. All senior care, especially end of life, calls for considerable reserves of compassion, kindness and warmth, and these qualities are prioritised when appointing staff, from housekeeping and care assistants to nursing and senior management.

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Classic favourites and nutritious meals for our residents

A truly holistic approach to palliative care encompasses every aspect of an individual’s wellbeing. An essential component of this is diet and nutrition. Prepared on-site in New Forest Nursing Home’s commercial grade kitchen, daily changing menus feature fresh, seasonal produce that’s been locally sourced wherever possible.

Food can also play a more tangential role in palliative care as the tastes and aromas of residents’ favourite dishes promote wellbeing and lift spirits.

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Making memories in tranquil New Forest grounds

From the perspective of an individual and their loved ones, end of life care is all about moments and cherished memories.

With eight acres of lawns and gardens, comfortable bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms, and an unspoilt, gracious ambience, New Forest Nursing Home provides an environment that’s utterly conducive to quiet contemplation, shared reverie and tranquil repose. The value of these cherished moments and precious days is immeasurable.