?? Happy Movie Afternoon, everyone! ??

Residents with their tickets for movie afternoon

There's nothing like winding down with a good film after a day packed full of activities here at Magdalen House. The residents absolutely love these movie afternoons and make good use of the wonderful cinema room - it's the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment! ?

The sound of popcorn popping, the sweet aroma of our candy assortment, and the comforting warmth of apple juice or hot chocolate are all part of the experience. ? Everyone at Magdalen House believes in the magic of these moments and are delighted to see the joy it brings to the community.

So, grab your popcorn or sweets, choose your drink, and settle in for movie afternoon at Magdalen House. You're in for a treat! ?️

Remember, it's not just about the movie, but the memories created together. So, who's ready for showtime? ?️?