Dementia day care centre in Cambridgeshire

Based on national statistics, there are around 1,700 over-65s with dementia living in their own homes in Peterborough and its environs. For their carers – most frequently loved ones and family members – it’s therefore good to know that professional day care support in a modern, welcoming setting is on hand. Purpose-built in 2015 as part of Cherry Blossom Care Home, the adult day centre offers a warm, welcoming setting in which to make new friends and enjoy a range of stimulating activities.

The centre is located in Warwick Road, just south of the Peterborough suburb of Werrington, and can be booked at a reasonable day rate. For families looking after an elderly relative living alone or with them in their own home, the day care centre offers one-off or regular respite care. For elderly individuals, it’s a great chance to get out, socialise and enjoy a change of scenery.

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What is a day centre?

Open for longer hours than most other day care provision in Peterborough, the dementia café at Cherry Blossom’s day centre is a warm, welcoming venue for a companionable cuppa and some indulgent cakes and pastries. Visitors can choose from a variety of activities, from gentle exercise to arts and crafts, or simply enjoy relaxing in good company with friendly, helpful staff in attendance.

Adult day centre at Cherry Blossom Care Home

Adult day care for over 65s at Cherry Blossom day is situated just south of Werrington and with plentiful onsite parking right by the entrance, the centre is located conveniently close to the intersection of the A15 Lincoln Road with the A47 Soke Parkway, offering quick, easy access from all directions by road.

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Qualified staff looking after your loved one in Peterborough

With extensive professional experience and qualified to at least Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Adult Care, the staff at Cherry Blossom day centre have also been hand-picked for their personal attributes. With short stay care provision, it’s essential that all care and support staff are highly personable, approachable and welcoming in their approach. Accordingly, the team at Cherry Blossom pride themselves on establishing a quick rapport with visitors, making them feel at home, at ease and able to enjoy their time at the centre to the full.

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Activities to support and engage adults with dementia

The Peterborough day care centre at Cherry Blossom Care Home offers a wide range of activities designed for individuals with limited mobility. Physical frailties and chronic illness need not be a barrier to engagement and participation, and experienced staff are on hand at all times to support visitors in getting the very most out of their involvement. From arts and crafts like flower arranging, painting and photography to gentle exercise and, when weather permits, gardening for the green-fingered, there’s always plenty to enjoy – and in good company.

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Serving the care home’s restaurants as well as its in-house Barnabys Bistro and Bar, chef and the kitchen team at Cherry Blossom pride themselves on serving restaurant quality food. It’s a benefit that visitors to the day care centre also enjoy. Supporting local Cambridgeshire producers and suppliers, in-season ingredients are sourced from within a 20-mile radius of Cherry Blossom Care Home whenever possible, ensuring quality and freshness throughout the year.

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A Peterborough day care centre you can trust 

When dropping off an elderly loved one at an adult day centre, it’s so important to know that they’re in good hands from the moment they arrive. Just as with all the other staff at Cherry Blossom Care Home, the dedicated day centre team bring a winning blend of maturity, experience and enthusiasm to their work. With long-term expertise in dementia care, the emphasis is on a compassionate, person-centred approach, and ensuring that each visit enriches and enhances mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Respect, dignity & compassion at Cherry Blossom Care Home

The central tenets of Cherry Blossom’s person-centred care philosophy are respect, dignity and compassion. From longer term residential care to respite and day care visitors, that approach is the same. Effective dementia care focuses on the individual rather than the condition, so the highly experienced team at the day care centre prioritise getting to know each visitor, establishing a friendly rapport and making them feel at home. Kind words, a genuine smile and a warm welcome can make a world of difference.