Dementia care in the New Forest

Recent statistics show that 1 in 6 over-80’s in Hampshire have a form of dementia. The impacts of this condition are being felt by more individuals and families than ever before, with an estimated increase of well over 30% since 2012. With symptoms varying from mood changes and memory loss to problems with reasoning and communicating, dementia isn’t just an aspect of ageing – it’s caused by specific diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer’s. The good news is that, given the appropriate care and support, individuals with dementia can still live well and enjoy a quality of life. 

Given the dramatic changes dementia can cause in behaviour and personality, it’s easy to focus on the detrimental effects it has on the individual and perhaps overlook the impact on family, loved ones and caregivers. A holistic approach to dementia care considers everyone involved with compassion and empathy.

Fordingbridge care home on a sunny day

What is dementia care? 

Effective dementia care is all about prioritising the individual – not the condition. Values such as dignity, self-determination, purposeful living, respect and choice are therefore at the forefront when establishing a person-centred care plan.

Delivered in the setting of a care home, this involves ongoing collaboration between the resident, their loved ones and their nursing carers. A secure environment, an established daily routine and compassionate round-the-clock care are the foundations for outstanding care.

State-of-the-art care environment in the New Forest

Fordingbridge Care Home was designed in close collaboration with one of the UK’s pre-eminent authorities in dementia care. Everything, from the ground up, has been purpose-built to provide an optimised environment for world-class dementia care.

With disorientation, particularly at night, a key aspect of dementia, effective lighting and wayfinding are fundamental design principles. Security, too, is non-negotiable – from fixtures, fittings and furnishings to controlled access and patient monitoring, day and night.

elderly man sitting in armchair leaning on stick smiling

Dementia care centred around compassion and wellbeing

Maintaining as strong a sense of self as possible is a cornerstone of effective dementia care. To this end, personal independence is preserved for as long as can be, supporting the individual’s wellbeing, dignity and choices through challenging times.

It is in this respect that the personal attributes of nursing staff shine through the most – their compassion, empathy and patience make an immeasurable difference, not only to the individual but to their family and loved ones.

smiling elderly lady sitting in a chair talking to a care home team member

Highly-trained staff you can trust 

Dementia care brings with it a specific set of challenges, and it is essential that all nursing staff have the comprehensive training they need to meet these challenges. Accredited Level 2 and 3 Dementia Care Diploma qualifications are pre-requisites.

As a care operator, Allegra Care also prize previous experience to a high level in hospital, nursing and other care settings, creating fully rounded care professionals with extensive expertise. This is augmented by continuous assessment and ongoing specialist training.

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Our holistic approach to dementia care values every aspect of a person’s wellbeing. A healthy, nutritious and balanced diet is a cornerstone of this philosophy. Prepared in our state of the art kitchens, menus change on a daily basis, with plenty of choice - including residents’ own favourite dishes.

Wherever possible, we source local seasonal ingredients to ensure that meals are as fresh and as nutritious as possible, with as minimal an amount of processed foods as possible.

living room with tv and arm chairs facing the screen in a care home

Tailored-plans support care home activities 

The maintenance of ongoing mental and social engagement is fundamental to effective dementia care. Our activity coordinators, therefore, ensure that all residents continue to enjoy a tailored activity plan that stimulates, involves and rewards in equal measure.

From arts, crafts and pastimes within the home to regular local sightseeing excursions around the New Forest and wider Hampshire area in our own minibus, we strive to make daily life full, rewarding and enriching.

elderly lady looking at tablet with younger woman and younger girl either side of her laughing

Your local New Forest care home with heart

Allegra Care apply a person-centred approach to all senior care. This philosophy of prioritising the individual over the condition is especially important in dementia care, where the primary objective is the maintenance of wellbeing through independence, dignity and self-determination.

It also enables our dedicated care team to deliver care that is aligned with our core values of humanity, compassion and warmth – a reassuring manner, a friendly face and a genuine smile can make a world of difference.