Short stay and respite care in the New Forest

In order to offer the best possible support to an elderly relative at home, it’s important that family carers have the opportunity to “come up for air” and re-charge their batteries from time to time. Short stay and respite care services offered by nursing homes are becoming an increasingly popular solution, enabling home caring family members to have time off to rest, recover and catch up on their own lives, before resuming their care responsibilities with renewed energy.

Such arrangements also offer considerable benefits to the person being cared for.  Establishing a respite care link with a local nursing home ensures that an individual’s condition and medical needs are comprehensively assessed in comfortable surroundings by highly qualified care professionals. It also introduces a new social circle - a safe space with friendly faces and a warm welcome. Allegra Care operate five care homes in Hampshire, with a range of flexible respite care options

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What is short stay and respite care?

Short stay and respite care are short-term care arrangements, whereby the support of an individual with care needs can be taken on by professional services.

As an alternative to care being delivered in the individual’s own home (or that of the family looking after them), short stay care offers several advantages. It enables nursing staff within the care home to conduct a thorough assessment of the individual’s condition and needs, whilst simultaneously giving their home carers and loved ones a well-earned break.

Respite care at Fordingbridge Care Home

Purpose-built in 2012 to deliver outstanding residential elderly care in luxurious and secure surroundings, Fordingbridge Care Home offers a range of flexible short stay and respite care options to support families who care for loved ones at home.

With views across landscaped gardens, the home has 60 bright, modern and spacious bedrooms and exceptional care facilities and staff.

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Tranquility and comfort at our care home in the New Forest

Fordingbridge Care Home was designed in collaboration with a pre-eminent UK authority in senior care. As a result, facilities throughout are second to none.

Respite and short stay visitors benefit from the same exceptional care amenities and nursing care as longer-term residents, enjoying superior levels of comfort and outstanding cuisine in elegant, peaceful surroundings. Whether it’s a handful of nights or a number of weeks, a warm welcome and home from home comforts are assured.

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Short stay care that values every individual's independence 

Maintaining as much independence as possible – for as long as possible – is critically important for an individual’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

Respite and short stay care enables qualified health professionals to assist residents, so they’re better equipped to continue as many aspects of daily life as possible – returning home with renewed confidence and restored morale. In this context, the maintenance of even seemingly mundane and routine tasks can make a world of difference.

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A key benefit of short stay and respite care is the individual’s interaction with highly qualified care and nursing staff. Amidst the daily routine of care within the individual’s own home, it’s all too easy for family and loved ones to miss evolving conditions and, potentially, warning signs.

Respite care, on the other hand, offers a valuable chance for health professionals to check in on an elderly person’s needs and advise on any required changes to their care when they return home.

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Traditional favourites and delicious dishes on the menu

With advancing years, the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet becomes ever greater. Prepared in purpose-built, commercial-grade kitchens, the menu at Fordingbridge Care Home changes on a daily basis.

Fresh, in-season ingredients are sourced locally from the New Forest and Hampshire area wherever possible, and careful note is taken of each individual’s specific dietary requirements, including any allergies or food intolerances. For a comforting taste of home, chef and the kitchen team also welcome the opportunity to re-create and serve residents their own favourite dishes and recipes.


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Embracing fun and socialising with our respite care

Short stay care offers valuable respite from the daily routine of at-home care – both for an elderly person and the loved ones who are caring for them. For the individual themselves, short stay in a comfortable care home environment provides the opportunity to meet new people and to engage in a rich and varied programme of activities.

The team at Fordingbridge Care Home work tirelessly to offer a wide range of stimulating activities, as well as regular sightseeing excursions to coast and country.