Artistic expressions and heartfelt celebrations at New Forest Nursing Home

new forest nursing home

Last week was filled with heartwarming moments and creative expressions at New Forest Nursing Home, as residents came together to celebrate their artistic talents and share joyous occasions.

A burst of creativity: crafting cards for loved ones

Residents of New Forest Nursing Home embraced their artistic sides with enthusiasm as they gathered to create beautiful and heartfelt cards for their beloved family and friends. The creative session brought smiles and laughter, showcasing the vibrant spirit that thrives within the home's community.

Milestone anniversary celebration

The air was filled with love and well-wishes as the New Forest Nursing Home family came together to congratulate Heather and Nick on their remarkable 44th wedding anniversary. The heartening celebration highlighted the strong bonds that form among residents and staff, making the home a place of genuine warmth and companionship.

new forest care home resident


Nature's beauty shines at New Forest Nursing Home

The sun graced the New Forest Nursing Home with its golden rays, accompanied by the charming presence of ponies. The picturesque scene added to the delight of residents, creating a blooming marvellous day that perfectly captured the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Embracing special moments: Janet's milestone birthday

Birthdays hold a special place at New Forest Nursing Home, and the entire community comes together to celebrate these cherished milestones.

new forest nursing home resident


Janet, a beloved resident, was showered with affection, cards, and thoughtful presents from her loved ones. The dedicated staff ensured her day was extraordinary, complete with a specially crafted cake that brought smiles and joy to everyone.

For those seeking a nurturing and compassionate environment for their loved ones, New Forest Nursing Home offers exceptional care and a supportive community. To learn more about the comprehensive services and enriching experiences they provide, please do get in touch.