Blossom Fields' Chef Completes Training Programme

Blossom Fields Chef Completes Training Programme

Chef Mat at Blossom Fields nursing home in Winterbourne, Bristol completes the course.

Career Advancement for Blossom Fields Chef

Mat has been working at Blossom Fields as a chef for the past 3 years. He quickly became a valued member of the team and when Allegra Care acquired the home Mat was given the opportunity to progress with an Apprenticeship Level 3 qualification as a Senior Production Chef. Mat has shown focus and determination throughout the course, and everyone took the opportunity to congratulate him on his qualification. 

Cooking Demonstrations

Mat has not just obtained this qualification; he has also embraced the introduction of the Household Model of care at Blossom Fields by running a master class in jam tart making with the residents. The residents are excited to see what his next master class holds.

The Importance of Nutrition and Hydration

Good nutrition and hydration are a foundation of health for older people.  A balanced diet and ensuring the right fluid intake is so important to ensure residents thrive.  The home also caters for a range of specialist diets, to find out more about the care offered at Blossom Fields please contact our experienced team.