Blossom Fields Own Strictly Come Dancing!

Blossom Fields Own Strictly Come Dancing!

Jenny and Terry are regular visitors to our Blossom Fields care home in Winterbourne, Bristol and their graceful dancing is a pleasure to watch. 

Bristol's Strictly Come Dancing 

Jenny and Terry not only display their wonderful dancing they are also fantastic with residents, and it is always wonderful to see them encouraging residents onto the dance floor. Everyone also loves that Jenny changes her stunning dresses which really does make it a show.

Blossom Fields' Resident has Ballroom Background

Jenny and Terry’s most recent visit was made even more special as one of the home’s residents is a former ballroom dancer and she absolutely loved watching them dance. Afterwards she took the opportunity to have a chat with Jenny and Terry about dancing competitions. The Blossom Field’s team were also touched by this, they have worked hard to support this resident to enable them to sit in a chair. Moments like this are what working in care is all about.

Blossom Fields' Lifestyle

Blossom Fields offer a wide range of activities and events, there really is something for everyone. To find out more about the importance of person-centred care please contact the team to arrange a tour of the home.