Blossom Fields Pizza Fun!

Blossom Fields Pizza Fun!

At our Blossom Fields Nursing Home in Winterbourne, Bristol, we believe in fostering a sense of community and independence for our residents. The Household Model is a cornerstone of this philosophy, and resident participation in meal preparation is a key part.

Household Model in Action

Residents being involved in making meals is a big part of what the Household Model is all about, promoting choice, independence and building the community by coming together not just to eat but to prepare food.  

Pizza is on the Menu

The hospitality team put together menu plans and incorporated into the planning is the opportunity for residents to be the chefs!  With a fantastic selection of fresh ingredients everyone had a great time putting together their dream pizza. Pineapple was the most popular choice and there was no skimping on the cheese!  The end results were delicious and some couldn't wait until tea time to sample, there were requests for pizza again tomorrow! 

Care that Focuses on What You Can do

Allegra Care's philosophy is a bout giving residents back their purpose, a chance to continue with their daily hobbies, habits and interests to ensure we focus on what people can do to maintain independence.  To find out more about the Allegra Care's Household Model do contact the Blossom Field's team.