Cedar Lawn Nursing Home hosts remembrance service for residents' families

image of people sitting in a nursing home garden after remembrance service

One of the hardest parts of working, or indeed living in, a care or nursing home is saying goodbye to a loved one. 

Whether it was a family member, friend, or neighbour, losing someone is a difficult time for many. 

This month, our care team at Cedar Lawn Nursing Home hosted a remembrance service for families of residents who sadly passed away over the last two years. 

The service was held in the Home’s tranquil garden, and we were lucky enough to have the sun shining brightly the whole afternoon. 

A poem was read out during the service, honouring the loved ones that passed and accepting that, though they may have physically left us, they never leave our hearts. 

After the service, friends and family enjoyed tea and delicious treats made in-house from the chefs.

image of homemade snacks on a table in cedar lawn nursing home

We’re so pleased to have seen so many old friends, as well as get the opportunity to share memories and laughter about residents who will always be remembered so vividly. 

As always, a huge thank you to the team who organised the event. It was a wonderful afternoon that left many with full hearts, so thank you for all your hard work.