Cedar Lawn Residents Celebrate Furry Friends Week

Cedar Lawn residents enjoying their furry visitors

Our Cedar Lawn nursing home in Romsey, Hampshire has been abuzz with excitement this week, welcoming a delightful cast of furry friends! From cuddly kittens to curious rabbits, these special visitors brought joy and laughter to our residents.

Kitten Capers

The week kicked off with the arrival of Team Leader Roni's adorable kittens, Misty and Luna. These playful bundles of fur were showered with cuddles and attention, melting the hearts of all the residents. Resident Eileen W. even volunteered to be a cat sitter, ensuring these furry friends are well-loved whenever Roni needs a break.

Show, Tell, & Talk Animals

On Tuesday, Rachel from Show, Tell, & Talk Animals brought a menagerie of fluffy guests. The beautiful rabbits, Candy, Onyx, Ash, and Stella, charmed everyone with their gentle personalities and playful antics. But the star of the show was Bijou, their newest addition – a precious 7-week-old owl!

Memories Made

The visits sparked heartwarming conversations as residents shared stories of their own furry companions. Albert fondly reminisced about breeding rabbits in his youth, while Thelma recounted a delightful surprise – waking up to a litter of baby bunnies from her pet rabbits, Flopsy and Mopsy.

A Week of Pure Joy

The atmosphere in the lounge was one of pure peace and contentment. Residents patiently waited for their turn to hold a fluffy bunny, their faces beaming with delight.

Furry Friends Week at Cedar Lawn was a resounding success, a week filled with joy, laughter, and a heartwarming dose of nostalgia.

Considering Care for a Loved One?

At Cedar Lawn, we understand the power of companionship and the joy pets can bring. We strive to create a stimulating environment that caters to diverse interests, including fostering connections with furry friends.

Contact us today to learn more about our vibrant community and how Cedar Lawn can enrich the lives of your loved ones.