Cedar Lawn Residents enjoyed a Virtual Camping Experience!

residents virtual camping

Cedar Lawn residents recently embarked on a unique adventure – a virtual camping trip right from the comfort of their lounge! Bart, the amazing head of housekeeping, transformed the space into a cozy campsite, complete with all the essentials for a memorable experience. 

Before setting off on their virtual journey, the residents engaged in a lively discussion about what to pack for the perfect camping trip. From essential food items and cozy sleeping bags to trusty torches for nighttime exploration, everyone shared their camping must-haves.

Singalongs & Stories by the Fire

As the virtual campfire crackled on the screen, the atmosphere filled with warmth and nostalgia. Residents enjoyed a delightful session of singing classic campfire songs, their voices creating a harmonious chorus. The virtual marshmallows toasted to golden perfection, adding a touch of sweetness to the experience.

Memories Shared, Laughter Sparked

Laughter filled the room as residents reminisced about their own past camping trips. Thelma shared a hilarious tale of a forgotten essential – tent pegs! Her family, armed with a 4-man tent but missing the crucial pegs, resorted to using skewers from a local butcher in a pinch. The story came full circle when they later discovered the misplaced pegs tucked neatly under the car's spare wheel!

Albert's nostalgic memories of fishing trips with friends, complete with cooking their catch for a delicious supper by the campfire, brought a smile to everyone's face. These heartwarming stories fostered a sense of connection and community among the residents.

Looking for Care for Your Loved One?

At our Cedar Lawn Nursing Home in Romsey, Hampshire, we believe in creating a stimulating and engaging environment where residents can connect, share experiences, and create lasting memories.  We offer a variety of activities and events designed to promote well-being, spark creativity, and celebrate life's special moments. 

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