Celebrating Amanda as Manager

Celebrating Amanda as Manager

Manager Since the Beginning

Amanda has been the manager of Olive Tree House and Rose Garden since both homes opened. Amanda's experience in social care and reputation saw these new homes quickly fill with residents and become thriving communities. Known for mentoring and developing her team, many of whom have worked at the homes since they opened, she has supported the staff to advance their own careers.

New Role with Allegra

It was was due to be Amanda's last day as she was going to begin her retirement, but Allegra Care offered her the role of Regional Manager of the Western Region and everyone was delighted she accepted the role. The Olive Tree House and Rose Garden teams wanted to celebrate Amanda's time as manager and thank her for all she has done for the homes, planning today's surprise garden party.

Party to Celebrate Amanda

The sun was shinning down as singer Frankie John put on a show with lots of laughter and fun – he teased Amanda about her very short retirement! Amanda was presented with gifts from the homes including an olive tree and rose bush, as well as flowers from the Allegra Care Central Office. Glasses were raised to toast Amanda and thank her for all she has done, she in turn thanked all the team.  The party continued with everyone enjoying a delicious buffet and special hand-made cake from the hospitality team. With over 2 hours of singing and dancing everyone will sleep well tonight!

New Chapter for Olive Tree House and Rose Garden

This new chapter will still see Amanda around the homes and everyone wishes Vlad all the best as he becomes the Manager of the two homes and Ana as she takes on more responsibility for Rose Garden.   For further information about Rose Garden and Olive Tree House please do visit the home’s website.