Celebrating Fathers Day and Gratitude During Glad to Care Week

Fathers day at St Georges

A Father's Day to remember! 

At St Georges Nursing Home, we celebrated Fathers Day in style with a delightful brunch that brought together families and their loved ones. It was a heart warming occasion, allowing cherished moments to be shared and cherished memories to be made. Our courtyard garden provided the perfect backdrop for a joyful gathering, both indoors and outdoors.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our talented kitchen team for the scrumptious food they prepared. Happy Fathers Day to all!


St Georges Nursing Home was abuzz with warmth and gratitude as we embraced #gladtocareweek. This week was dedicated to reflecting on the things we are thankful for, and the residents played a central role in sharing their heartfelt responses. Their words of appreciation were truly touching and served as a reminder of the deep bonds and sense of community within our home.

To honour and display these expressions of gratitude, we created beautiful tags that captured residents' sentiments. These tags were lovingly hung on a tree in our picturesque courtyard garden, creating a visual representation of the gratitude that permeates St Georges Nursing Home. Every visitor to our home will have the opportunity to read these heartfelt messages, further spreading the spirit of thankfulness.

To express our gratitude and admiration for the exceptional work done by our dedicated St Georges team, including the visiting Occupational Therapists, our residents crafted pocket hugs and fresh flower bags. These small tokens of appreciation are a heartfelt way of acknowledging the collective effort that goes into making St Georges Nursing Home a truly wonderful place. Every individual, from residents to staff, plays an integral role in fostering an environment of care and support, and for that, we are profoundly grateful.

At St Georges Care Home, we cherish every opportunity to celebrate and honour the special moments and relationships that make life meaningful. Our Fathers Day Brunch was a testament to the love and connection shared between our residents and their families, and we are overjoyed to have facilitated such a wonderful gathering.

To discover more about the warmth and compassion at St Georges Care Home, or to learn how we can provide exceptional care for your loved ones, we invite you to reach out to us.