D-Day Dolly treats St George's to a Coronation concert!

St Georges resident with bird of prey

At St Georges Nursing Home, we’ve had an incredible week filled with fun, joy and celebration. Our residents enjoyed a build-up to the King’s Coronation, with their artwork displayed and everyone getting excited about the day. Some residents chose to watch the ceremony with their families, while others enjoyed the festivities at home. Our kitchen team prepared a scrumptious Royal Lunch menu, and we were treated to a Mini Concert by the delightful D-Day Dolly, who had us all singing, dancing and waving flags.

The celebration continued with an indoor party and a banquet fit for a king. It was a day that will be remembered for a long time to come, and we even plan to create a time capsule to commemorate this historic event. Our residents also had a unique experience with a visit from Birds of Prey rescue home. They met four beautiful birds with unique stories, and Colin gave us an interesting chat about their daily care needs and history.

In addition to these special events, we took a few of our residents to Cadburys Garden Centre on a rainy Thursday, and we enjoyed reminiscing and making new memories. It was a lovely afternoon, and we plan to visit again soon.

If you’re looking for a care home that offers a nurturing and engaging environment for your loved ones, come visit us at St Georges Nursing Home. Our residents have had an action-packed week, and we’re always looking for ways to create more wonderful memories. Give us a call on 01483 829411 or visit our website at https://allegracare.co.uk/stgeorges to learn more.