Feel-Good Friday Celebrations and Memorable Moments

Life at cedar lawn

As part of the Glad to Care week, the residents at Cedar Lawn Care Home enjoyed a heart warming and lively #feelgoodfriday activity. They had the pleasure of singing along with their favourite entertainer, Alice Applewood. Laughter, joy, and a sense of togetherness filled the air as everyone joined in the fun. The festivities concluded with a well-deserved treat—a delightful combination of homemade biscuits and milkshakes prepared by our talented chef.

Let us entertain you! 

At Cedar Lawn, we believe in creating moments that bring smiles to the faces of our residents. Today's celebration was a perfect example of our commitment to ensuring their well-being and happiness. Alice Applewood, an exceptional entertainer, captivated the audience with her delightful songs, encouraging everyone to sing along and enjoy the uplifting melodies. The shared experience of music and camaraderie forged deep connections and created lasting memories for all.

Yummy treats

To add to the festive atmosphere, the dedicated chef at Cedar Lawn Care Home prepared a special treat for everyone. Homemade biscuits and refreshing milkshakes were served, providing a delicious and well-deserved reward after an afternoon of entertainment and laughter. The attention to detail and care shown by our chef exemplifies the exceptional culinary experiences we provide, ensuring that every meal is a delight for the senses.

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Cedar Lawn Care Home is committed to creating a nurturing and joyful environment, where residents can flourish and find comfort in every moment.