Giving Thanks on International Nurses Day

Giving Thanks on International Nurses Day

St Georges residents thank nurses on International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day

Celebrated on 12th May every year International Nurses Day is an opportunity to give thanks to all nurses.  St Georges have a fantastic team of nurses working 24/7 to care for residents and to thank them for their dedication residents made cards and presented homemade cupcakes baked by the hospitality team.

Local Community Nurses 

St Georges also took the opportunity to thank the nurses at our local medical centre also called St Georges! Residents put together bouquets of flowers to present to the team and we took a stroll to the centre to hand deliver the gifts.  Everyone was delighted that Jane the Nurse Practitioner who visits the home weekly was available to give the flowers to and thank in person. 

What is International Nurses Day?

The 12th May was Florence Nightingale’s birthday, officially the day has been celebrated since 1974 so this year marks the 50th anniversary.  Florence Nightingale was a social reformer and the founder of modern nursing.  To this day nurses are at the heart of healthcare.  The lady with the lamp has left a lifelong legacy. 

Nursing Care at St Georges

St Georges offers 24 hour nursing care and with our dedicated team your loved one will not only be cared for holistically, but also clinically.  To find out more and book a tour please do contact the team.