Jubilee weekend at Cherry Blossom Care Home

care home residents laughing and waving union jack flags

Cherry Blossom Care Home was buzzing earlier this month to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee celebrations! 

Over the course of the weekend we had an array of events for our residents, their families and our staff to enjoy.

Our residents made the most of the prime-time viewing of the Queen before going on to party as they sat and watched her appearance at Buckingham Palace

care home residents sat watching projected tv of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee


Our team did a great job of putting a wonderful event together for the residents and families: we had live singing, jubilee party food and lots of laughter. The weather just about managed to hold out, but a bit of rain wasn't going to stop the Cherry Blossom Care Home fun as the marquee meant everyone got to enjoy the celebrations outside! 

care home residents and staff underneath marquee in care home garden listening to a singer playing the guitar in the background


As usual the Cherry Blossom team never hesitate to get involved and drum up some fun and laughter in the care home. Throughout the Jubilee weekend, various members of the royal family could be spotted throughout the home! 

As with all these events, a massive thank you goes out to the wonderful team at the care home. Without them, these events wouldn't be possible, and we're so grateful for the fun and liveliness they create!

Of course, a big thank you also goes out to the Cherry Blossom chefs for always creating culinary delights that everyone enjoys - it wouldn't be a Cherry Blossom party without delicious cake! 

care home chefs holding up cake that reads 'Queen's Platinum Jubilee' in multi-coloured icing


Cherry Blossom Care Home delivers 24/7 specialist care to residents, putting an emphasis on a person-centred approach and preserving independence where possible. We love to keep our residents happy, engaged and laughing, so our team makes sure there are plenty of activities for everyone to get involved in! 

If you're looking to enquire about care for a loved one and would like to know more about Cherry Blossom Care Home, get in touch with our team today!