July's activities at Cherry Blossom Care Home

care home staff and resident dancing and smiling

With a very hot July under our belt (and an even hotter August underway!), we're taking a look at the activities at Cherry Blossom Care Home as the summer season continues.

Dancing for joy at Cherry Blossom

care home residents dancing with care staff


At the beginning of July, Rosey got our residents dancing and moving to music they love! One thing that will never change about Cherry Blossom throughout the seasons is our love of song. 

care home resident and nurse dancing together with people sat around them in a circle


Wherever possible we promote music, dancing and singing throughout the home to get our residents up and about! Dancing with friends, family and even our care team always brings a smile to the faces of those involved, and it creates a great atmosphere in the home. 

Covid memorial service at Cherry Blossom

Whilst the summer sun beats down and we continue to give our residents every opportunity for merriment and fun at Cherry Blossom Care Home, we also thought it right to put on a memorial service in memory of all those who were lost since the beginning of the pandemic. 

pastor giving service in care home surrounded by residents and care team with trays of candles in the middle


Our care team, residents and families followed the service - which was led by Pastor David Wicks - and paid their respects to the dearly departed. 

Loss of any kind can be life-changing, so it's important to empathise with and support those who are currently grieving or trying to rebuild their lives since losing a loved one. 

We lit candles, sang hymns and listened to Pastor David's words of compassion. Thank you to Pastor David, our care team and to all those who attended the memorable service. 

Celebrating a milestone birthday

Whilst we remember and respect those who have since passed, we also want to make sure every birthday and milestone is celebrated and enjoyed. Making the most of every event and giving our residents the opportunity to have fun, indulge in sweet treats and spend time with their loved ones makes us proud to work at Cherry Blossom. 

Towards the end of July was Clive's 50th Birthday! Our care team don't need an excuse to get the balloons and afternoon tea trays out, so it's safe to say the home was lovingly decorated to celebrate Clive's big day. 

table full of cards for Clive's 50th birthday with bunting on the wall behind that reads "Happy Birthday!"


There was dancing, party food and booming renditions of "Happy birthday!" to celebrate Clive. Here's to many more years of fun!