Magdalen House Brings Smiles and Joy to Children and Residents Alike in Easter Celebration

Kids at Magdalen Home being visited by the Easter Bunny

What a wonderful time both the children and residents had celebrating the Easter holiday here at Magdalen House!

There was singing, dancing, arts and crafts; the real-life Easter Bunny even came to visit and party with us, dishing out chocolatey treats, scrumptious sweats and grins all around.

""Our resident being visited by the Easter bunny

Happiness is Our Top Priority!

Every day is a special day worth celebrating here at Allegra Care homes and spreading cheer and joy throughout our locations is our top priority, leading to better physical and mental health of our residents and overall better, more personalised care for those who stay with us.

""Our Staff being visited by the Easter bunny

We hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday with your loved ones. Remember, if you’d like to keep up-to-date with all the latest news at Magdalen House (or any of our other homes) then give our Facebook page a like and follow.