National Superhero Day Featuring Superman!

National Superhero Day

Our St Georges nursing home in Somerset is full of superheroes, so they couldn't miss celebrating them all.

National Superhero Day

With everyone of the St George's team a superhero for all they do everyday to enhance the residents' quality of life it was the perfect opportunity to for the residents celebrate those who care for them.  

Home Made Gifts

The St Georges' residents made superhero lanterns which were really effective with their own capes and pretty lights.  The residents love all arts and crafts, it is all the more special when they are making gifts for others.  The care team were delighted to receive such personal gifts.

St George's Superman

St George's had it's own superman for the day - Chris who changed from Clark Kent to Superman in a flash bought lots of smiles and fun to the day.

Come and Meet the St George's Superheros

If you are considering care for a loved one do come and meet the amazing St George's team our doors are always open for a tour of the home do contact us.