New Forest Home Blooms with Beauty as Spring Arrives, Offering Residents a Perfect Retreat!

Daffodils blooming at Allegra Cares New Forest Home

It’s official! Spring is finally upon us here in England and our New Forest home down in Fritham, Hampshire couldn't look any more beautiful right now. Tucked away in the corner of the forest and surrounded by over eight acres of beautiful landscape, our gardens are budding with bright yellow daffodils and luscious greenery.

Beautiful in bloom.. 

""daffodils in bloom at new forest home

We look forward to the warmer months where we can get residents socialising in the sun, going on leisurely walks and maybe the odd bit of gardening. Getting outdoors and spending time with others are two factors that contribute to good mental and physical well being and are a priority across all our Allegra Care homes.

Easter eggs and other sweet treats!

With Spring of course comes Easter and the residents had fun creating some incredible Easter cards and decorations, all whilst tucking into their delicious Easter eggs.

""One of our residents and his beautiful easter drawings

Looking to spend the summer with us in some of England’s most beautiful countryside? Get in touch!