New Forest Nursing Home had an adorable little visitor today!

Dexter visit

Today, our New Forest Nursing Home welcomed a special furry visitor – Dexter, a charming Dachshund who brought a wave of joy and puppy love to our residents.

A dose of puppy love for everyone

Home manager, Helen, made sure Dexter got to meet each resident, spreading smiles and playful energy throughout the home. His playful antics and happy spirit were simply irresistible!

Laughter and licks

The halls of New Forest Nursing Home were filled with a delightful symphony of laughter and happy chatter as residents interacted with Dexter. Everyone took turns petting the adorable pup, his soft fur and wagging tail bringing a sense of comfort and amusement.

The therapeutic power of pets

Studies have shown that interacting with animals can have a positive impact on emotional and mental well-being. Today's visit with Dexter was a perfect example of this. His presence sparked joy, reduced stress, and created a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Creating special moments

At New Forest Nursing Home, we believe in enriching the lives of our residents in unique and meaningful ways. Dexter's visit is a perfect example of our commitment to creating special moments that bring joy and laughter.

Considering care for a loved one?

If you're looking for a care home that prioritises resident well-being, offers innovative activities, and fosters a warm and welcoming environment, look no further than our New Forest Nursing Home, not far from Lyndhurst. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our approach to care and the exciting events we have planned!