Pets as Therapy Dog Callie Enjoys Homemade Treats

Pets as Therapy Dog Callie

St Georges residents love a Monday when Anna brings in Pets as Therapy dog Callie.  

Pets as Therapy Dog Visits

Callie is so gentle and intuitive; we are so grateful for Anna giving us her time to bring Callie in.  This week Callie was particularly excited as the residents had been making dog treats, Callie was happy to oblige and sample the bakes!  Everyone has been getting creative again decorating jars with a dog theme which will have the treats in to sell at our up-and-coming summer fete.  

Benefits of Therapy Animals 

There are so many benefits to residents spending time with therapy animals and these are both emotional and physical.  Therapy dogs have been proved to lift mood and reduce anxiety.  The health benefits can include reducing blood pressure and encouraging more physical activity.

Summer Fete Preparations

This year's summer fete is on Saturday 6th July and will have a variety of stalls, activities for children and food on sale.

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