Royal Ascot Delights and Nostalgic Visits from Weston Museum

Celebrating royal ascot at St Georges Care Home

Royal Ascot 2023 brought a touch of elegance and excitement to St Georges Nursing Home as residents and staff gathered for a delightful afternoon of festivities. The residents themselves proposed the idea, and their wish was granted—a memorable Royal Ascot experience right within the home's walls.

Fish 'n' Chips Friday!

Fascinators adorned heads, and the races were broadcasted on the big screen, adding to the ambiance of the event. Each resident received a golden ticket containing a lucky dip horse, and horseshoes were beautifully decorated. To add to the joy, fresh scones with jam and cream were savored. It was a splendid afternoon enjoyed by residents and their visitors, creating treasured memories. Today, we revealed the winning households from the golden tickets: Rosie's Garden and Dots Cottage.

On Friday, they will be treated to delicious fish and chips from a local chip shop, adding to the excitement and camaraderie.

A Throwback in Time

Tuesday was no ordinary day at St Georges Nursing Home—it was a truly terrific day filled with activities and engagement. One of the highlights was a special visit from Weston Museum, where residents were transported down memory lane with an array of nostalgic items.

The museum brought a treasure trove of reminiscing artifacts, ranging from childhood toys to mementos from bygone holidays. Punch and Judy puppets, wooden yo-yos, travel irons, vintage teddies, books, holiday souvenirs, and old postcards were just a few of the fascinating items that sparked reminiscences and stories. The simplicity of a yo-yo brought immense joy and evoked cherished memories.

The visit from Weston Museum was a resounding success, and plans are already underway for another visit in the near future, showcasing a different assortment of items from bygone years. It was truly another exceptional day at St Georges Nursing Home.

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