Sarah Hobbs Entertains at Waverley Lodge Nursing Home

Residents enjoying singing with Sarah

The recent visit from the talented Sarah Hobbs brought a wave of colour, music, and pure joy to our Waverley Lodge nursing home in Romsey, Hampshire! Residents were treated to a delightful musical morning filled with lively entertainment and a chance to express themselves creatively.

Instruments, Scarves, and Irresistible Tunes

Sarah, a familiar and beloved visitor, arrived with her signature flair – a collection of instruments and vibrant scarves. These colourful props instantly transformed the room, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. 

The infectious energy of the music proved to be too irresistible for Julia, who initially planned to continue her drawing. However, Sarah's captivating performance soon had her up and dancing along, a testament to the power of music to move the soul.

A Musical Journey for All

Sarah's repertoire catered to a variety of tastes, ensuring there was something for everyone. Residents were treated to a delightful selection of songs, with James' favourite, "Karma Chameleon," bringing a smile to his face and likely a few others who recognized the iconic tune.

Memories Made, Melodies Shared

The morning was a resounding success, filled with laughter, happy faces, and the pure joy of music. Everyone at Waverley Lodge thoroughly enjoyed their musical encounter with Sarah. A big thank you to Sarah for bringing her magic and talent to the care home, creating lasting memories for the residents!

Considering Care for a Loved One?

Here at Waverley Lodge, we understand the importance of finding a care home that provides a stimulating environment, promotes well-being, and fosters a sense of community. We offer a variety of activities and events designed to enrich the lives of our residents, just like the musical mornings with Sarah Hobbs.

If you're considering care for a loved one, we encourage you to contact Waverley Lodge today. We'd be happy to answer your questions and schedule a personalised tour for you to explore our welcoming facilities and see firsthand how we can support your loved one's happiness and well-being.