St Georges Celebrate St George's Day!

St George's residents enjoy themed crafts accompanied by cheese and wine

It would only be fitting for St Georges to celebrate St George's Day in style.  

St George's Flag Flying High

Residents enjoyed everything red and white including wine!  The home looked great with the flags all around and with some themed crafts to add to the décor.  

Who Was St George?

We did discover how we had got so much wrong about St George, he wasn't English, he wasn't a knight and in fact never even visited England.  What remains to this day is that St George symbolises honour and bravery and the George Cross is only presented to those who showed extreme courage. We raised a glass to toast St George.

Celebrating Special Events with Others

When someone moves into St Georges they are part of our family and that means you will always have someone to celebrate special occasions with.  Do contact us to find out more about life at St Georges.