Summer scenes & wildlife at New Forest Nursing Home

drone shot of New Forest Nursing Home with trees surrounding it

Our New Forest Nursing Home is nestled in a magical corner of the forest within 8 acres of gardens. The beauty of the home's surroundings really comes to light - especially during summer - as wildlife and animals make brief appearances.

Most recently, though, we spotted this adorable pair roaming the grounds! We're still deciding what to call them - what do you think?

horses in the New Forest surrounded by greenery


New Forest Nursing Home from above

We also had the chance to see our beautiful home from above in July! New drone images show exactly how tucked away our nursing home is within the 8-acre grounds.

For our residents, the setting provides a tranquil atmosphere where the abundance of nature and wildlife is quietly calming. 

As part of the residential care we provide in Hampshire, we aim to keep our residents as active as possible; having this natural space is the perfect backdrop to host tea parties, exercise workshops and many more exciting events. 

drone shot of New Forest Nursing Home and the surrounding forest


We see the very best of all the seasons at New Forest Nursing Home; whether it's snow-tipped trees or gorgeous green grass, our residents have a spectacular show of nature right on their doorstep!