Sunshine, sing songs and silly socks

One of the New Forest residents wearing a silly hat

At New Forest Nursing Home, the residents are enjoying the beautiful grounds and fresh air. Family visits are always a highlight, and residents like Heather, Nick, Kevin, Anthea, and Elsie have been taking full advantage of the sunshine on weekends.

The importance of getting outdoors!

The team at New Forest Nursing Home is dedicated to making every resident's stay as enjoyable as possible, and it's always heart-warming to receive thanks from families. Flowers are a favourite gift that everyone can enjoy.

Birthdays are a special occasion at New Forest Nursing Home, and today the residents are celebrating Joy's birthday. The chef made Joy her favourite cake, and everyone is looking forward to a day of celebration and joy.

Sing songs and silly games! 

To keep the residents entertained, Simon from Brighter Days came to visit and put on a fantastic show. Darren loved his balloon hat, and everyone enjoyed the singalong and Simon's colourful odd socks.

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Join us at New Forest Nursing Home for fun times, celebrations, and exceptional care.