Therapy pony pays New Forest a visit

collage of nursing home residents petting therapy horse

As part of the care delivered at New Forest Nursing Home, we aim to provide our residents with as many exciting activities as possible to keep daily life varied and stimulating. 

Out of all the activities and events, one of our favourite days is when Mr Kelloggs comes to visit! 

Befriending a therapy pony at New Forest Nursing Home

Mr Kelloggs is a very welcome visitor at New Forest Nursing Home! Not only is he incredibly soft to pet, but his temperament is docile and peaceful, making him the perfect furry companion to befriend.

Our residents are always pleased to see Mr Kelloggs as they know they'll get a chance to spend time with him and pet him! 

Mr Kelloggs doesn't just stay in one room though, we make sure he visits as many residents as he can throughout the home. When they see our furry friend coming to their room, our residents' smiles are priceless! 

A progressive approach to care

collage of nursing home residents petting therapy pony


As part of Allegra Care, New Forest Nursing Home take a progressive, modern approach to care. We provide each resident with a tailored plan that's created by our qualified team, their family and the resident themselves. 

We regularly organise activities, like our most recent visit from Mr Kelloggs, to ensure our residents are stimulated and active. 

Caring for each resident's emotional and mental health is just as important as looking after their physical health; we invest time in our animal therapy visits so as many residents as possible can benefit from the calming nature of these furry friends. 

Interested in learning more about the care provided at New Forest? Take a look at our specialist care or contact our team to learn how we can help your situation.