Vibrant Activities and Memorable Adventures at Waverley Lodge

Making ice lollies at Waverley Lodge.

Waverley Lodge, a place filled with laughter and shared experiences, continues to provide residents with a range of engaging activities and unforgettable moments. The residents at Waverley Lodge truly embrace the spirit of togetherness, eagerly participating in various activities that bring joy and foster connections among everyone.

Recently, the residents had the pleasure of witnessing a captivating Bollywood dance demonstration by one of the carers, Nandu. The lively performance enthralled everyone, with Pauline expressing her excitement about delving deeper into Indian culture and exploring other cultures from around the world. The residents' enthusiasm and curiosity demonstrate their eagerness to embrace diverse experiences and expand their horizons.

Cooling down

In a fun-filled afternoon, the residents at Waverley Lodge embarked on a smoothie-making adventure with their newly acquired blender. Each resident had the opportunity to choose their preferred combination of fruits and experimented with different flavours. After making their delicious smoothies, they turned the remaining mixture into refreshing ice lollies. Linda added a touch of pink gin to her smoothie, while Colin and Kelly opted for creamier variations with yogurt and fruits. The afternoon was a resounding success, leaving everyone with a sense of satisfaction and delight.

All aboard!

The excitement continued as the Waverley Lodge residents embarked on an amazing boat trip aboard the Alison MacGregor, accompanied by Solent Dolphin. Refreshments were served, and the residents revelled in the picturesque scenery and the thrill of spotting larger boats. Alan and Jeremy, in particular, thoroughly enjoyed taking in the beautiful surroundings and spotting various marine vessels. The day became even more special for Jeremy as his mother and friend greeted the group at the pier, adding a touch of warmth and significance to the outing. The residents eagerly anticipate their next boat trip, already counting down the days until their next maritime adventure.

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