Another 5 star review on

review by residents daughter

We're bursting with pride to announce that our Cedar Lawn Nursing Home in Romsey, Hampshire has once again been recognised for its exceptional care with a glowing 5-star review on! Positive reviews like this are more than just words – they're a validation of the hard work and dedication our entire team pours into creating a warm, welcoming, and enriching environment for our residents.

Reflecting our commitment

Positive reviews from residents and their families are the most meaningful compliments we can receive. They tell us that we're on the right track, that our commitment to resident well-being and happiness is truly making a difference. 

Building trust, one review at a time

At Cedar Lawn, fostering trust and strong relationships with our residents and their families is a core value. Positive reviews like this serve as a powerful confirmation that this trust is well-placed. It motivates us to keep exceeding expectations and to continuously strive for excellence in everything we do.

Considering care for a loved one?

Finding the perfect care home for a loved one can be a daunting task. Reviews on can be a valuable resource for families navigating this process. We invite you to visit our profile to read this latest review, along with many others, and get a sense of the exceptional care we offer at our Cedar Lawn Nursing Home.