Arts and crafts, sing and dance PLUS another 5* review!

Residents at Cedar Lawn straw painting

Great news from Cedar Lawn today! The residents got creative and started with bubble art, which turned into painting with straws! The concentration on their faces showed just how much they were enjoying exploring new avenues of creativity. It's always fantastic to see the residents having fun and trying out new things.

In addition, Kate and John entertained the Cedar Lawn residents with music from the 60s and 70s. There was lots of singing, and everyone had a great time! Music can be such a powerful tool for bringing people together, and it's wonderful to see it being used in such a positive way.

5 stars from Care Home UK

And, there's more good news for Cedar Lawn! They received another 5-star review on It's always heartening to see family members expressing their appreciation for the care and attention that the Cedar Lawn team provides.

If you're interested in learning more about Cedar Lawn and how they can care for your loved ones, you can give them a call at 01794 523300 or visit their website at Keep up the fantastic work, Cedar Lawn!