A bank holiday to remember!

A Cherry Blossom resident dressed up as the king.

It was a bank holiday to remember at Cherry Blossom, where the residents were treated to a day full of music, food, and fun. The highlight of the day was the musical afternoon, where everyone sang and danced along with the staff. It was a wonderful sight to see the residents thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The bank holiday weekend was full of exciting activities, and the residents had a blast. They even had a stocks setup for anyone who misbehaved, but luckily everyone behaved themselves. The food was amazing, and everyone had their fill of delicious treats.

The local children had also made crowns for the residents, and they were very proud to wear them. They spent the day modelling them and were delighted to sit on their own throne, which they had decorated earlier in the week. The residents at Cherry Blossom truly felt like royalty on this special occasion.

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At Cherry Blossom, we are committed to providing a nurturing and caring environment for our residents, where they can feel safe, happy, and valued. We believe in providing activities and events that bring joy and happiness to our residents, and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage them.