Bridging generations at Magdalen House

Nippers and Slippers having fun

At Magdalen House Care Home based in Ipswitch, Suffolk, we believe in fostering connections between all generations. That's why we're proud of our "Nippers & Slippers" program, which brings together the boundless energy of children with the wisdom and experience of our residents.

Building bonds and sharing joy

Nippers & Slippers is more than just a visit to a care home. It's a chance for children to connect with a different generation, learn from their experiences, and share their own youthful spirit.

The power of intergenerational connections

These interactions provide a wealth of benefits for both children and residents. Children gain valuable social skills, develop empathy and compassion, and experience the joy of helping others. Residents, in turn, are re-energized by the children's enthusiasm, find companionship and laughter, and get a glimpse into the bright future that awaits.

Activities and shared experiences

Our Nippers & Slippers program features a variety of engaging activities designed to spark joy and connection. Think arts and crafts sessions, board games, singalongs, or simply sharing stories and experiences. These shared moments create lasting memories that warm the hearts of both young and old.

Sparking long-lasting connections

If you're looking for ways to help children develop important social skills, connect with their community, and experience the power of giving back, consider encouraging them to participate in intergenerational programs like Nippers & Slippers. It's a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Contact us to learn more

We invite you to learn more about our Nippers & Slippers program and other activities at Magdalen House Care Home. We believe in creating a vibrant community where all generations can thrive.