Cedar Lawn Residents Get Creative With The Local Church

Cedar Lawn residents and church volunteers getting creative

At Cedar Lawn, our residents cherish the moments spent during our Creative Worship sessions, a beloved activity facilitated by dedicated volunteers from the local Methodist church. These sessions have become a cherished tradition, fostering not only spiritual connection but also a sense of community and joy among our residents.

Embracing spiritual connection

During these sessions, residents relish the opportunity to engage in various creative activities alongside members of the local community. From heartfelt discussions to vibrant crafts, each session is filled with meaningful interactions that uplift spirits and nurture the soul.

A vibrant community bond

Our residents find immense joy in socialising with members of the local community, forging bonds that transcend the walls of Cedar Lawn. Through shared laughter and shared creativity, these sessions exemplify the importance of community engagement and the enriching experiences it brings.

Discovering the joy of creativity

From painting to crafting, our residents explore their artistic talents in a supportive and encouraging environment. The sense of accomplishment and fulfillment they derive from these activities is truly heartwarming, fostering a positive outlook on life and promoting overall well-being.

Join us at Cedar Lawn

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