Cherry Blossom Care Home in Cambridgeshire Gets Creative with Cakes and Rabbit Masks

Happy easter here at Cherry Blossom care home

Easter certainly did come along to Cherry Blossom Care Home this year!

Decorating and Delicious Treats!

The wonderful residents and staff here in Cambridgeshire had so much fun making and decorating cakes and rabbit masks! There was an array of different colours and creative designs, and the icing on the cake (pardon our pun) was that the cakes were delicious.

""One of our residents and the bunny mask she made

The Importance of Imagination

As the sun came out, our residents also got the chance to go outdoors and soak up some of the warm weather before it goes again. Social activities where we can gather residents together and encourage them to get creative and be imaginative is so important for maintaining good mental health and ensuring that our homes forever remain a warm, friendly and safe space for all those who choose to stay with us.

""One of our residents and his lovely mask outside

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