Enjoying St Georges' sun-washed courtyard garden

image of flowers in a standing flowerbed

Our beautiful Somerset nursing home, St Georges, has been brimming with wildlife and activity throughout the summer season. 

Thanks to our wonderful gardener, our courtyard garden has really come to life this year and our eagle-eyed residents have spotted bees and birds! 

St Georges Nursing Home's courtyard garden

mother in a wheelchair and daughter on a bench smiling at camera in a courtyard garden on a sunny day


The glorious summer weather we've experienced over the last few months has meant our residents can make the most of the home's courtyard garden. With both sun traps and shaded spots, our residents and their families can spend as much time as they'd like outside, enjoying the peace and calm of the Somerset home.

Most recently, our lovely resident Joan sat outside in the sunshine with her daughter Denise. All of our residents love spending time in this quiet setting, either with loved ones or on their own to relax and read a book! 

The garden has also seen the recent additions of a new marquee and parasols, meaning more of our residents can sit outside without worrying about overdoing their sun exposure.

We know how vital it is for each and every individual at St Georges to spend as much time being active and in nature as possible, which is why we take pride in making sure our courtyard garden is always available and welcoming for those that want to enjoy it! 

Specialist care with a smile

courtyard garden in the sun with blue skies


St Georges Nursing Home remains a highly-rated home due to its highly-trained staff, excellent location and, of course, compassionate person-centred care. 

Taking each individual's needs into consideration, our team work with residents and their families to create tailored care plans suited to the individual. 

Our care team regularly organise activities, events and excursions to keep each individual as active and mobile as possible. But regardless of ability, the courtyard garden and grounds at St Georges are a haven for all to take reflective moments or socialise in the sun.

Want to learn more about the specialist care delivered at St Georges Nursing Home? Give us a call on 01934  524598 or leave us a message to discuss how we can help your current situation.