Halloween fun at Fordingbridge Care Home

Halloween Decorations

The spirit of Halloween filled the halls of our Fordingbridge Care Home this year, but not just with ghosts and ghouls – with creativity and friendly competition! Residents across all three floors participated in a festive challenge: to create the most hauntingly delightful Halloween decorations.

Starting with the spooktacular decor

A healthy dose of friendly competition filled the air as residents on each floor collaborated to bring their Halloween visions to life. From creepy cobwebs to flickering jack-o'-lanterns, the residents poured their creative energy into crafting spooky masterpieces. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and good-natured teasing as each floor strived to outdo the other.

First floor frights take the trophy

After much deliberation, the residents and staff came to a decision – the first floor's ghostly display emerged victorious! Their hauntingly beautiful decorations perfectly captured the spirit of Halloween, earning them the coveted title of decoration champions.

Building community spirit

This Halloween competition transcended the simple act of decorating. It fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among the residents. Working together on a shared goal sparked laughter, conversation, and a healthy dose of friendly competition.

Where Fun meets friendliness

At Fordingbridge, we believe in creating a vibrant and engaging environment where residents can connect and express themselves creatively. This Halloween competition perfectly exemplifies that spirit. While the first floor may have emerged victorious, the true winners are all the residents who participated, forging lasting memories and celebrating the season in style.

Considering care for a loved one?

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