The Seaside Comes to Fordingbridge with Spare Tyre Theatre Productions

Spare Tyre entertaining the residents at Fordingbridge with sights, sounds smell and feel of the beach

At our Fordingbridge Nursing Home in Hampshire, we believe in enriching the lives of our residents in every way possible. That's why we were so excited to welcome Spare Tyre Theatre Productions for a truly unique and heartwarming experience.

A sensory journey to the seaside

Spare Tyre's talented performers brought the sights, sounds, and even the smells of the seaside directly to our residents. This innovative performance wasn't just about watching; it was about full sensory immersion. Residents held real seashells, breathed in the refreshing scent of ozone (mimicking the sea air), and even participated in creating a giant fishing net with the theatre team.

Memories ignited, joy shared

The performance was more than just entertainment; it was a powerful tool for memory stimulation. Familiar sights, sounds, and textures evoked cherished memories of seaside holidays and days spent by the ocean. The joy and excitement on the residents' faces were truly heartwarming.

Shared experiences for all

Spare Tyre's commitment to offering these performances free of charge ensures that everyone has the opportunity to experience the magic of theatre. This inclusive approach aligns perfectly with our philosophy at Fordingbridge Nursing Home – creating a space where joy and connection are accessible to all.

A place where memories bloom

Fordingbridge Nursing Home goes beyond providing basic care. We strive to create a stimulating environment that fosters a sense of well-being and ignites cherished memories. Spare Tyre's unique performance is a shining example of how we achieve this goal.

Care that prioritises well-being

If you're looking for a care home that offers innovative activities, compassionate care, and a focus on resident happiness, look no further than Fordingbridge Nursing Home. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our philosophy and the exceptional care we provide.