St Georges Nursing Home June activities

sweet treats on a table with cups and saucers for tea

Our Somerset nursing home, St Georges, is always buzzing with activities and fun, and June was no different! 

After temperamental June weather, our garden needed some much-needed tending from the bouts of intense sun and refreshing rain, so our gardener turned up with gloves in hand ready to work his magic! Our orchard was in full bloom with crab apple and pear trees bearing fruits, as well as our gorgeous rose garden heaving with colour! 

macro shot of yellow roses in a rose bush


Within the home's garden, we also have a gazebo area surrounded by beautiful wildflowers where our staff have spotted a variety of wildlife, including bees collecting pollen!  

It's not just flowers and trees though, we've also been busy growing strawberries which our chefs had an abundance of in June!

macro shot of St Georges Nursing Home home-made strawberry jam in glass jar with vignette filter


Our chefs are always ready to lend their hand to homemade sweets and treats, so they swiftly got to work making homemade jam to add to our residents' afternoon treats

rocky road treats on topped with strawberries on top of plates


There's never a dull month at St Georges Nursing Home, and it's always wonderful to see the activities going on in the home! 

The highly-trained staff at St Georges Nursing Home provide 24/7 specialist care to make sure all our residents are comfortable, looked after, and most important of all, happy! 

If you'd like to find out more about the care delivered at St Georges Nursing Home, or to get more information on flexible care packages, get in touch with our care team today.