Summer activities at St Georges Nursing Home

room in nursing home with arm chairs and a piano with a bright orange feature wall

Summer at St Georges Nursing Home is always full of fun and surprises as our residents enjoy activities and our home goes into full bloom in the summer sunshine! 

Our nursing home garden ready to bloom

macro shot of wildflowers in nursing home garden


When the sun shines, our glorious courtyard garden comes alive with the buzzing of bees and bright blooming flowers!

Andy, our handy gardener, has been working his agricultural magic as he brings his vision for each area of the garden to life. Investing in our outdoor space has brought the wonders of wildlife right to our doorstep. Our new bird tables are ready to feed all sorts of wildlife and our wild garden spaces have flowers and greenery to invite bees and insects to stop by. 

As part of our approach to care, our team are always organising activities both inside and out of the home to get as many residents engaged and smiling as possible! When it's in full bloom, our courtyard garden will provide the perfect space for our residents (and their families!) to enjoy a cup of tea and watch the wildlife go by. 

Musical entertainment for all to enjoy

The home has seen a new addition to the music room: a record player! Our aim is to create a music library for our residents to enjoy. What better way to spend an afternoon than listening to some classics in a music library whilst the sun shines down on our courtyard garden? 

Giving our residents the opportunity to listen to their favourite songs and artists is a great way to bring back happy memories and that warm feeling of nostalgia. For our respite care residents, the music room provides a space to reconnect with old classics and have some me-time in a safe, bright setting. 

A milestone wedding anniversary in the home 

image of Erica and Nick holding a photo of Erica on her wedding day


We were so happy to celebrate Erica & Nick's 50th wedding anniversary! At one of our live events in July, we got to see the couple dancing and singing together. Seeing Erica's smile gave everyone a boost of joy, and we've got nothing but congratulations to wish both Erica & Nick!