Art, music & film activities at Waverley Lodge

collage of nursing home residents watching mamma mia

August saw our residents getting creative with music, art and film! 

Our specialist care team love to give our residents as many opportunities as possible to flex their creative muscles. Let's see what our wonderful residents got up to in August.

Dancing and singing with Waverley residents

nursing home resident and staff member braced to dance whilst laughing


We kicked the month off with a visit from a firm favourite at Waverley Lodge Nursing Home: Cosmic Sparkle. 

Our local entertainer, Cosmic Sparkle, always gets our residents up from their chairs to have a boogie! With a whole host of songs and music in her catalogue, Cosmic Sparkle got everyone involved in the fun. 

Whether it's singing, dancing or games, our care team are always ready to join in!

Arts and crafts for Waverley Lodge's art wall

nursing home art wall with residents' art pinned to it


During the days when our residents aren't up and about dancing or singing, our care team always have relaxing activities on standby to keep everyone entertained. 

On a quiet afternoon, the team had pens, pencils and paper ready for our residents to create their very own masterpieces.

Where possible we make sure the art that's created in the home is put on display for everyone to see, which is where the home's art wall comes in.

The art wall is dedicated to showcasing the creativity our residents harness during their relaxing afternoons. Providing the opportunity to express themselves through colour, drawing and crafts is just another way Waverley Lodge supports person-centred care for our residents. 

Mid-week films and karaoke

Who doesn't love a mid-week film? Especially one paired with a spot of karaoke! 

Even with differing tastes and film-preferences, there are some movies that everyone can enjoy, which is why our residents loved watching Mamma Mia!

Not only did they watch the film, but our movie-watchers also had a blast singing along to the songs we all know and love. 

We wonder what's next on the must-watch list for the residents of Waverley Lodge! 

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