Making residents' wishes come true at Magdalen House Care Home

care home resident smiling holding up printed out image of a motorcyclist racing

The team at Magdalen House Care Home had a busy start to July doing something they love most: making our residents' wishes come true! 

To make sure each and every resident is given the best experience at Magdalen House Care Home, our team have a 'wishing line'! This line gives residents the chance to write down one thing they wish for and the care team will do everything they can to make it happen (thankfully no one has asked for the winning lottery numbers just yet!). 

Our team love these activities as they know how much of an impact these seemingly small gestures have on each individual's wellbeing. 

care home resident holding post-it note shaped like a dress that reads 'Wendy to have a roast dinner'


Some of the residents had requested F1 activities as their wish, so the team made it happen! As well as settling in to watch some live wheel-to-wheel racing, the residents read a comprehensive racing book and received print-outs of drivers, cars and bikes! 

F1 driver being interviewed on a laptop screen with racing images printed out scattered on a table as a care home resident looks on sipping tea


But that wasn't the only fun of the day - it was just beginning! Our care team had a great time at lunch making origami shapes and teaching our residents how to create their own works of delicate Japanese art. 

pieces of paper, crafting item and origami shapes on a table in a care home


We also brought some furry friends into the home! With big eyes and lots of fur to stroke, the baby guinea pigs melted everyone's hearts and our team made sure everyone had time to make friends with the little balls of fluff. You might notice the origami art making a reappearance too! 

guinea pig sat in an origami boat with an origami handbag next to it


It was a great day of fun for our residents and staff, and we look forward to seeing more wishes coming true at Magdalen House Care Home! 

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