News and Events

Julie enjoys a shopping trip to Romsey

26 Jul 2023

Magdalen House summer fete is a roaring success

22 Jul 2023

Chocolate Making Is A Real Treat

20 Jul 2023

Meet our Manager in the New Forest

19 Jul 2023

New Forest Nursing Home celebrates resident Darren regaining his new found health, independence and home

19 Jul 2023

Kelloggs the Miniature Horse visits Dunwood Manor

17 Jul 2023

Halterworth School's Childrens Choir entertain Cedar Lawn residents

06 Jul 2023

A Buzz of Activities and Engaging Arts & Crafts

05 Jul 2023

Vibrant Activities and Memorable Adventures at Waverley Lodge

05 Jul 2023

Beat the Heat with Creative Fans and Pampering Spa Day

05 Jul 2023